Wednesday, February 11, 2009

my favorite MK olsen looks..

i love this look simply because its so easy and simple. get an old tshirt, a baggy cardigan and some skinnies, and you've got yourself an MK olsen look. of course i wouldnt be wearing the louboutins, 1. because i dont own any considering im only 15. 2, i cant walk in those mad boys.
the way she looks so comfertable in this outfit makes me wish i can walk in heels. those louboutins are killer, im so inlove with them. the jeans and the baggy sweater with the belt, is so casual and just looks so chic but comfy. im not a fan of these mad balenciaga shoes, actually. i hate them. but without the shoes, if she wore this outfit with some black flats i think that i would love it even more. the baggy plaid shirt, just looks amazing on her small figure well basically, a baggy plaid shirt looks good on any girl.for my favorite look, it literally looks like she just stepped out of bed with her night gown and slippers still on, but she still looks fabulous but messy. i cant get over how laid back this outfit is, and how cute she looks in it! shes so tiny, and if i saw a taller girl trying to pull this off, id probally say that they look wierd and out of it in the outfit, but MK just looks adorable.


  1. ehmygawsh i agree! both olsens dress just oh so adorable-y!