Tuesday, March 16, 2010

10 things you want for your birthday: -lululemon -nail polish -cute backpack for summer -new blackberry -my 1 year exchange to australia -gossip girl season 3 -warm weather -booze -hoodies -love 9 musicians/bands you love -micheal buble-taylor swift-aerosmith-U2-nickelbac-the wallflowers-lights-owl city -shania twain. lol 8 things you do everyday -sleep -eat -breath -laugh -be loud -check the weather -email -kiss 7 things i enjoy -blogging-smiling/laughing -singing outloud -being loved/loving -kisses -music -traveling 6 things that will always win your heart -compliments -hugs -kisses on the forehead -good morning txts.. cute txts in general -jokes -good conversation 5 favourites movie: seven pounds song: you only get what you give - new radicalls book: haters food: grilled cheese season: summer 4 smells you enjoy -rain-clean laundry -boy -fresh cut grass 3 places you want to go -australia -england -california 2 holidays you love -my birthday -thanksgiving 1 person you would marry on the spot -boy

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