Thursday, March 18, 2010

im going to be 17. and i cant belive how old i actually feel. finally the boy of my dreams is now mine, after three years of waiting. now its been 6 months of us and i couldnt be happier. hes seen me at my worst and still called me the best. now that im passing 16 i feel wierd. like everything gets more serious from here on. ive had 5 people close to me die in the past 8-9 months. and my cat, who was my cat for 13 years. i was depressed for a week. now that spring is here, next thing i know ill be writing my finals in june. then summer will end. senior year will start and a part of me will leave. the boy will leave for school. i hate feeling this way. uncertain. im very certain that i love him. and dont be all "you dont know what love is, your too young." most young loves are stronger then people who are married, because look at the divorce rate, and your trying to tell me im too young to know what love is, while your getting a divorce? no, i dont know what love is, do you? everyone has their own definition for love. but i can tell you one thing, ive never ever felt this way about something or someone in my life. what do you guys think about love/life in general? leave me comments. i love them.

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