Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday June 7th 2010.
I woke up this morning to my phone ringing, and I cant say I was to happy with that. I clearly wasnt picking it up, or even checking the number. I talk to no one at 63o am, and who in their right mind would even be calling me at that time? Waste of time really. I wouldnt even pick up if it was Chace Crawford. Ok maybe I would. Thats an exception. A sexy one. When the time came to actually get up and get ready, I didnt even know what I was going to wear. It was cold but living in Canada does that to you. You get used to it. Jeans, and since it was match day a tennis shirt.
Right now im sitting in my senior art class doing nothing since im done my final already. Well, im not doing nothing, im writing you. You should feel special. Just typing away on my blackberry like its no body's business. I hate mondays. Im exhausted, I dont want to be here. I just want the next 7 days to go by FAST. Heres the thought of the moment: Dont you ever just think that school would be so much better if the students just broke out into song and dance like on Glee? I know im wierd, but I dont even watch the freaking show and I know thats what they do. You know what I want right now? A really big shaken iced tea lemonade, passion fruit style and a ginger mollassess cookie from Starbucks. Mmm.
That sounded good at the time, but right now all I smell is fresh pineaple hair product in my wet hair. Im so tierd. I miss my boyfriend, that's why I put that picture and that quote up there. I havent hungout with him.. Since my birthday, then again that still wasnt alone time to just cuddle and talk and enjoy eachothers company. [And NO dont get that dirty picture in your head, still hasnt happened yet, not even after 8 months]

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