Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday june 3rd 2010.
Ten more days, only ten. just keep breathing erin. school will officially be over for the summer, and hopefully my stress will leave me alone. im stressing so much right now im almost in tears, or already did cry. ive never been so nervous for something in my entire life. i want math to be done, but its obvious that im not passing, which means im taking it again next year, plus grade 12 math.
im exhausted, stressed, annoyed, sad.
my hair straightner broke.. and im going insane. i have to wear like frizzy curly hair.. hahaha.
summer weather keeps teasing me.. it goes HOT then cold, HOT cold. like rub A535.
i started this post at like 3 and its been open since then, its now 10:00 and time for bed,
good night see you tomorrow.

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