Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy birthday to my little step brother. Muah.
FINALLY a good day, not only did I get to sleep in and skip school, but I didnt have to do my huge presentation of my final project. The best part of the entire day was spending time with my boyyy. Finallyy, I havent hungout with him out of school since my birthday, 10 days ago and I finally get to be with him. I feel so happy and relieved when im with him. I missed him insanely much.
I slept in! YES! WIN! For the first time all week, when I opened my blinds this morning, it wasnt windy, it wasnt raining or cloudy. The weather was sunny, blue skies and no clouds for the first time in five days. I threw on some leather gladiators, jean shorts and a baggy pull over VS PINK hoodie.
During MY lunch hour I was suppose to go present my final project to my prof at lunch but my pregnant prof forgot my project at her house yet again so I didnt have to do it. One thing you should know : I hate speaking infront of my class, only because I know they are sitting there criticizing my every move. Im ok infront of a group of strangers cause I dont care what they think of me. I just avoid speaking infront of a class at all costs.
At 3:30 between kisses my boyfriend told me I had to go to the dentist in 15 minutes. Luckily for me he lives around the corner from the office and my long legs could get there in no time. Just my luck, the office was backed up today.
I hate when its backed up, it backs up my entire day. First, get my braces off my teeth you jerk, I want them GONE. Fucking 17 years old with braces.. LOSER. Second, when you have an appt, get there 10 mins early, like they tell you. Its common courtesy for the people after you in appts, they are on time if your on time. I hate lazy people who back up my appts because of their tardyness. Show up on time, make me on time, we will get along just fine.
I was sitting in the office waiting to go in and I had a thought. Dont you just love going to public places like the dentist office, airport or train station to people watch? In a non creepy way. Just to see all the different kinds of people in the world, it just intrigues me. I was sitting beside this total nutcase of a girl, must have been 13 maybe and she thought she was the shit. Thats what im guessing anyways. She was talking to this total random lady, who didnt give two flying shits of what she had to say. She was explaining how her teeth are perfect although shes totally messed and her teeth are just as wacky as she is. Oh dear lord dont even get me started on her outfit. Camo pants, running shoes and a floral shirt. DAMN baby, oh the joy of people watching.
Mmm my boyfriend took me out for ice cream to this parlour called Ice cream galore. Its just the most amazing place in the world, famous for its ice cream and waffle cones where I live. Everyone goes in the summer, its the place to be. Of course I got mint chocolate chip and cookie dough in a waffle cone, just the most scrumptious combination EVER! I love the feeling of summer coming near, although its pretty cold here right now. Grr.
PS, please dont think im a stalker?

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