Thursday, June 10, 2010

It was literally so humid today I thought my hair was going to go into an afro. I woke up in the most awkward position ever, on my back, legs spread and arms under my pillow. My dad LOL'ed at me.
Im sitting in the back campus library listening to Ke$ha aka my girlfriend, and im baked. Yes, I smoke weed. Not EVERYDAY, not ALL THE TIME, occasionally. I know, its not "cool" but its not socially unnaceptable. What kids in my city DONT these days? Its everywhere. I used to be so anti drug and not even talk about it, untill I tried it once. Dont hate me. Its only my second time being baked at school, ever. Lets be serious, who really wants to be in school, business class to be exact when you can be laughing your ass off with your bestfriend? Thats what I thought.
So this girl, lets call her Girl A is a total bitch, she want on an exchange to spain for three months and left the most gorgeous boyfriend of all behind and dont get me wrong I LOVE my boy, but have you seen... Lets call him Boy C. Hes GORGEOUS. Totally scrumptious and jock material. But when Girl A was gone, it was so tempting to just sweep Boy C off his feet. For real. They arent even dating, they are "together" I guess, which doesnt make sense. It just makes it seem like hes to much of a baby to ask her out. Trust me, I dont think much is stopping me next year. Bring it bitch.

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